Saturday, 2 March 2013


What is Sanie?
Sanie is the name of a group
Who are the members?
Me(Mischell), Sherin Hidayat, Evelyn Puspita, Sandra Lestari, Selvy Ardani
For the first time i the member are:
Me(Mischell), Sherin Hidayat, Evelyn Puspita, Sandra Lestari and Tesalonika Halim
but, day by day tesa said that she want to go out and Sandra,Evelyn said they want Selvy join to Sanie but Me, and Sherin doesn't like selvy .. Day by day evelyn and sandra keep asking me&sherin to invite Selvy to Sanie so we(me and sherin) just say yes cause we like peace ..
Time by time .. Me and Sherin so close to selvy and at the end we accept her fully :D

Thursday, 8 November 2012

My Others Biodata

Full name          : Brigitta Maria Mischell Sari Sjaibani

Nickname         : Mischell (but, sometimes they call me Schell or Chell -_-)

Zodiak              : Gemini

Favorite Color   : Turquoise, White, Blue

Last School       : Cahaya Harapan (PG-Primary)

                                                        -   This is my school uniform  -

Monday, 1 October 2012

My Favorite Film

My Favorite Film :
- Dream High 1

- Spongebob Squarepants

- Tom and Jerry

- Harry Potter

Saturday, 8 September 2012

My Favorite Animal

Butterfly have a wonderful color

Rabbit is so cute

Swan have a nice color

My Favorite Idol

1. Niall James Horan
He is so cute and has a good voice :* love you niall 

2. Liam James Payne (one direction)
He is so cool, cute and has a good voice :D 

3. Suzy (Miss A / Dream High)
She is good in acting and she is beautiful ^^

4. IU / Lee Ji Eun  (Dream High)
She is so beautiful and has a very good voice ^^

5. Jang Wooyoung (2PM / Dream High)
He is very cute, nice and handsome :p

6. Greyson Michael Chance 
He is so very cute same like niall and smart play piano :p

My Best Cousin :D

Hi :D
Now I want to tell about best cousin  
They are :
- Levi 

Name              : Leviani 
Date of Birth    : Palembang, December 4th 1998 

- Mylen 
Name : Rossi Mylen Sutoyo 
Date of Birth : Palembang, Mei 11th 1995

This is me with my cousin 

My Best Friends

Good Afternoon all :)
I want to tell a story about my friends

My Best Friends are :
- Sherin
She is smart and very funny

- Evelyn
She is so cute and a nice girl

 - Sandra
She is very smart and a good girl

- Tesa
She is a good listener and very nice

- Selvy
She is very nice and always tell a good story about her love :p

We make a group the name is Sanie
The member are : Me, Sherin, Evelyn, Sandra, Tesa and Selvy

The other friends are :
- Tutlingen

- Trisha

This is my friends in last year : 7B